Checklist For Selling Your Property

Semalam aku share pasal loan rumah yang bakal mengikat aku sepanjang 30 tahun mendatang, sebenarnya itu hal yang sangat menggembirakan dan memuaskan hati aku. Walaupun tak suka nak cerita pasal hutang, tapi kalau hutang untuk kebaikan dan long term apa salahnya kan. Lagipun bila dah jadi kakitangan awam ni rugi sangat kalau tak manfaatkan tawaran pinjaman perumahan yang di sediakan. Lagipun masa masih 'muda belia' ni elok la beli rumah kan.. :)

Aku lupa nak mention pasal rumah yang kami duduk sekarang. Rumah tu akan mendapat tuan yang baru. Alhamdulillah ada yang sudi nak beli rumah tu. Walaupun rumah tu sangat banyak menyimpan kenangan untuk kami, tapi terpaksa juga lepaskan dengan hati yang rela.. hehehehee..

Sebenarnya bukan senang nak jual rumah tau. Ada trick tertentu okey. Ni aku share satu artikel yang sangat bermanfaat dan patut sangat korang baca kalau sedang merancang nak jual rumah. Lets check this out...! :)

There are many houses for sale recently, such as houses for sale in Seremban. Are you planning to sell of your current property to buy another new property? Or are you planning to sell of your property for profit purpose? Either way, you will need to know the procedure of selling of your property. This article will guide you through the checklist you need to know for selling your property.

1. Property valuation 

First of all, you will need to know the the current price of your property should not be the same as the purchase price of your property. The selling price for the property should be higher as you need to take into account other costs that incurred in the process of getting a property sold. Do your research on different property websites to have a rough gauge on the price of property that most sellers will be going for. In addition, you will need to see whether the proposed price matches your expected return on investment.

2. Get your property appraised

Next, you will need to engage with a certified valuer from real estate agency to get your property appraised before you ask any potential buyers for viewing. Getting your property appraised will give you a more precise or accurate indication on the selling price of property in the same area along with other transactions made with similar properties that are within proximity.

3. Make your property look good

Aesthetic matters a lot when it comes to selling your property. Do make sure your property is in tip top condition. Clean your property before you bring any potential buyers for viewing. Fix anything that is damaged and paint your property so it looks new and clean. A clean and nice property will naturally appeal to the buyers more and make them remember the property as it gives them a comfortable feeling of wanting to live in the house. 

4. Advertise your property

After that, you can proceed to advertise your property on any property website that you prefer such as Property Guru. If not, you could also engage with reputable property agents to reduce your workload in getting your property listed on the website. Moreover, these professional property agents will help you liaise with the potential buyers, negotiate with them, and go through all the paperwork once the deal is sealed. 

5. Seek for legal advice

At some point in the selling process, you could engage with a layer to help prevent delays. It will also allow enough time for collection of necessary documentation that is needed during the transferring of ownership to your new buyer. 

6. Viewing with potential buyers

If there are any interested or potential buyers wanting to view your property, you could always arrange for viewings during the weekends or in the evening as these are the time that most people are free. 

7. Acceptance of offer

Most interested buyers will offer a price lower than what you expect so you should be prepared to negotiate with them. After a few rounds of negotiations, an interested buyer will make an offer to you if he or she is interested in your property. The offer will be made through your agent if you engage in one, or will be made directly to you if you are handling the matter on your own. You will still have to pay for professional fees to the estate agent even if you get a direct offer from the interested buyer. Do note that the price you get is typically depending on:

a. Price compared to other similar properties
b. How fast the buyer wants to stay in the property
c. The rising of property price
d. Location of your property

8. Letter of Offer

Some property agents will ask for a deposit of 2% to 3% of the offered price from the buyer when the buyer makes an offer and signs the Letter of Offer to Purchase or Agreement to Purchase.The property agent will then keep the deposit in the client’s account until the completion of the Sales & Purchase Agreement. 

9. Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA)

After you accept the offer, you will need to engage with your lawyer to start preparing for legal preparations. When the buyer implements the SPA, the buyer will be the one to pay for the balance of the 10% of purchase price. After that, the documents will be sent to you for execution and stamped. Do note that this must be completed within 14 days of the signing of Letter of Offer to Purchase date.

10. Sold

Once payments have been done and documents have been finalised, the property will now be transferred to the new buyer. You might also need to pay for the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) if applicable, depending on your holding period for the properties. 

In conclusion, getting your property sold off is not a difficult task if you follow the above step. If doing all these on your own is going to take a lot of time from you, you could always seek for professional help such as from any trust able real estate agents. After all, they have been in the property market for a long time and they definitely know a lot more than we do. 

Harap dapat sedikit sebanyak membantu korang ye.. :)


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  1. Tengah berkira-kira juga nak menjual property ni. Since dah ada buyer nak rumah tu. InsyaAllah soon

    1. boleh minta proper advice dari agent hartanah atau lawyer.. :)


  2. Thank for the info .. =)

  3. Siqah takde rumah sendiri lagi. Harap ada rezeki memiliki sebuah rumah in future :)