What Do You Put In A Baby Hamper of Diaper Set? Little Flower Hut

Looking for a special and practical baby hamper that could be gifted to someone expecting a new baby soon in Little Flower Hut Flower delivery ? On baby shower party, you can send Baby Hamper of practical and essential items like baby clothes, baby bath products, baby blankets, and toys. You may also choose to send a hamper of diapers and necessary accessories for baby diaper change. This Baby Gifts will surely help the parents take care of the baby.

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What Do You Put In A Baby Hamper of Diaper Set

Packs of Diapers

When you send or give diapers as your baby shower gift, it is best to think ahead of possibilities. You may send a few packs for the newborn and some packs for bigger sizes so that the diapers will fit the baby from the first four weeks to the next two months. Kids grow incredibly faster and small sized diapers will no longer be useful.

Diaper Cream 

Diaper cream is the most convenient and effective treatment for diaper rashes. It will be helpful for the baby to get the best treatment right away at the first sign of rashes. If you are sending a baby hamper of diaper set, the new parents will really appreciate it if you will add this item to the hamper.

Diaper wipes

Baby wipes are indispensible and very practical for keeping the baby clean. The baby wipes should be gentle enough and safe for use on baby’s skin, especially in cleaning the delicate skin. On another note, the baby wipes should also be tough enough to clean and remove dirt and even deal with the biggest mess. Sending a newborn hamper Singapore of diapers with baby wipes makes a nice and thoughtful gift for baby shower.

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Diaper Change Mat 

It is very essential and clean for the baby if the parents will have a diaper change mat to bring every time they go out and bring the baby with them. You will complete this baby first month gift of diaper hamper by adding the diaper change mat to the set. There are plenty of choices to choose from at the flower shop or at the gift registry section. 

Giving the gift of baby diapers and accessories on a friend or co-worker or family baby shower party is a simple way of reaching out and saying your words of congratulations. There are hundreds of items to include in the Baby Hamper and the set of diapers is just perfect.


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  1. menarik idea ni. cousin kita pun nak bersalin dah. boleh la start cari hadiah untuk diorang

  2. so cuteee bear diaaa tuu. rasa nak picit picit bagi kempis je hahaha

  3. Senang dah ada hamper lengkap hadiah macam ni. Tak pening nak bagi apa untuk baby newborn. Comel comel hampernya.